Fat Loss Programme


12-week Fat Loss Programme

  • 2 Training Phases (12 Weeks Total)

  • Phase 1 (3 Day Split) Full Body

  • Phase 2 (4 Day Split) Upper/Lower

  • Additional Core Workout Included

  • Video Tutorials For Each Exercise

  • App Access For Tracking Workouts & Progress

  • Nutrition Guidance & Follow-Along Videos

  • Habit Tracker & Consistency Calendar

  • E-mail Support!

Take the guesswork out of fat loss!

Science-based training & nutrition to get you long-lasting results.


Training programme:

Who are these training programmes for?

The 12-week fat loss programme has been designed specifically to lose fat and build muscle, shape your body and build the appearance you want. They are suitable for anyone, all ages, who are looking to lose body fat in a sustainable way!

Who designs the training programme?

I, Iain Lucas (Founder of Kickstart Fitness) have been a certified personal trainer and online coach since 2018. I have work clients on a 1 to 1 basis and have thousands of hours worth of experience with working with clients in person and online. These programmes are tried and tested, backed by science and a product of what I believe to be the most effective way to deliver optimal results.

Will my strength improve?

Yes! The programme is designed to maximise muscle gain whilst losing body fat, you will see strength improvements over the course of you following this programme. The priority to begin with is to master each exercise, initially you may need to start light in order to get the technique, follow a specific tempo or achieve the desired RPE (intensity). Once you have mastered this you can gradually increase your working set weight, and it is encouraged throughout the programme.

Do the routines change each week?

The majority of the exercises within the training phases will stay the same, however overall volume and intensity will increase over the 6 week period (more reps). There are 3 weeks of volume progression followed by a 1 week de-load and a further 2 weeks of volume progression. This is known as Step-loading.

Do they include nutrition plans?

No, because nutrition plans don’t teach you how to lose fat or return to normal eating after the programme is over. Instead, we include educational nutrition videos to teach you how nutrition for fat loss works, and follow-along videos for you to work out your calorie and protein goal and learn how to track and stick to this, plus what to do when progress may plateau!

Do I need a gym to do this programme?

Yes, this programme is gym-based, if you are continuing to workout at home I suggest my Online Coaching Service, where I can create a programme based-around what you have available.

What if my gym doesn’t have all the equipment in the programme?

The exercises have been specifically chosen to be available in all commercial gyms! If you have limited equipment available or require a tailored programme to you, I would suggest signing up to my online coaching service where I can build a tailor made training programme to suit your needs.

What if I don’t have time to complete the whole workout?

The workouts should take roughly 1-hour to complete, however if you don’t have time to complete the whole workout don’t worry, the sessions are structured so the most important exercises are first. If you have limited time I recommend prioritising the compound exercises and missing out the later exercises in the workouts. Remember, something is always better than nothing!

What if I can’t do the days set on the programme?

I recommend starting the programme on a Monday, however, it can be started on any day you like. The programme is set up with specific rest days in-between workouts try to stick to the structure as best possible for optimum results however there is wiggle room if you need!

General FAQ:

Is this a subscription or one-time payment?

This is a one-time payment and you will have access to the course and the programmes for life.

How do I receive the programme?

You get the programme through the MyPTHub app which contains all the workouts and videos. This app is free to download.

Will the guide expire after I have completed all the weeks?

No, you have lifetime access to the workouts, and video guides they will never expire. You can complete them as many times as you like.

Can I buy the guide in my country?

The programme is available in any country and the currency shall be converted on checkout!

I have not received my confirmation email?

Please wait up to 24 hours for your confirmation email. Often it can go straight into your junk and spam folder, so make sure you check there first. If you still have not received your email please get in touch at

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