Here’s what our clients say about us

Shairb, 23

“I did a four-week programme with Iain focusing on building strength and improving conditioning. As a novice lifter, he broke down the complex technique into easy to follow instructions.

In just a short amount of time, I become much stronger, my technical lifting was near perfection and body composition all greatly improved.

His knowledge of nutrition, weightlifting, techniques, and workload plans was very impressive. In just a short amount of time, I learned so much. It almost felt like being on a short university course.

The pricing is an absolute steal, getting a coach, motivator and nutritionist all in one.

I’ve worked with a lot of great coaches over the years and was a great joy to work with Iain and I highly recommend him.”

Hannah, 21

Hannah has made amazing progress to her body and mind since we started online coaching!

She made the change and stuck with it, the consistency she has show is incredible and admirable! 

Jordan, 28

It’s incredible what you can achieve when you are consistent!
This was after 4-weeks of 3 sessions a week, Jordan focussed on consistent workouts, being more active throughout the day and becoming more mindful with his nutrition.
He completely changed his body composition, losing fat, gaining muscle and improving his posture and core stability!

Scott, 28

Over 4-weeks Scott worked incredibly hard and progressed so much aesthetically and mentally.

He completely transformed his body in such a short amount of time and developed his relationship with training and nutrition to get the spark and enjoyment back!

Hermione, 22

“Within the four weeks Iain was my personal trainer he not only helped me significantly reduce my body fat while gaining muscle but most importantly increased my body confidence - admittedly something I had struggled with in the past.

Iain devised weekly work out plans which included specific exercises which tackled areas of my body which were suited to me. Alongside this, Iain consistently checked up on me at least twice a week, where we spoke about areas of improvements and/or certain changes that could be made through exercises or personal habits. This, in turn, kept me motivated to reach my end goals and most importantly I felt at ease through the personal support given by Iain.

Furthermore, Iain provided me with various dietary and physical tips which I still incorporate into my daily life today!

I would recommend Ian to anyone, especially those who are looking to gain body confidence, learn healthy dietary and physical habits and of course- see results! I am excited to train with Iain again soon.”

Dave, 22

“Iain is the ultimate professional when it comes to his Personal Training service. He helped guide and shape my plan purely focused on my own individual needs and goals allowing it to fit seamlessly into my day to day life. By including regular check-in calls and new workouts into the programme it kept me motivated and engaged during the lockdown period. He also provides expert feedback and analysis of the exercises which helped to prevent injuries and encourage good form.

I’d highly recommend Iain’s services to anyone looking to make an improvement to their body and lifestyle regardless of age or fitness level!”

Rebecca, 21

“Iain is an amazing personal trainer and really motivating! He offered so much support from start to finish and tailored my programme to exactly what I wanted to focus on.

Throughout the online coaching, he made sure to check up regularly and make any adjustments if needed. He really helped me gain consistency with my workouts which helped to reach my goals of lifting more weight.

Would 100% recommend to anyone!!!”

Gabriella, 39

“Over the last 4 weeks with Iain I've lost 4kg and have more energy, feel healthier, stronger and fitter.

I have really enjoyed our sessions together and highly recommended Iain to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel more confident.

I dont have to worry about anything just turn up and get results”

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